SHR first impression : it's slow ?

Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Mon Feb 23 11:23:49 CET 2009

Ah - what I forgot to mention is that this brought illume down to about
5-8% - which is ok-ish, but not great when it's idle and really just
sitting there.  The rasterman has previously said it has been at about
0.2% when idle.

Also, there is a ticket for this:

- Gunnar

Paul wrote:
>> I don't have the freerunner nearby, so I can't check where in the menu
>> you find these things, but I think the framerate is at the bottom of the
>> first menu, the drop shadow under "appearance" or similar near the end,
>> and the render engine in the advance tab of this? Can anyone confirm?
> You can find both in the settings-advanced option, after hitting the wrench.
> advanced - performance for the framerate
> advanced - engine for the software-engine.
> It also pays to switch off the animations for things:
> display-Animations.
> Paul

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