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Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Feb 23 11:47:16 CET 2009

As I understand it the reason for OSM changing license is that in some parts 
of the world copyright does not protect the content of a database because it 
is considered to be a collection of data not a creative work. To protect the 
database in those jurisdictions a contractual agreement is required. The Open 
Data License is an attempt at a license that will give CC-like protection to 
databases in all jurisdictions. Opencellid is in an identical position as far 
as I can see, so the Open Data License looks like the best bet unless anyone 
knows of something with similar coverage.

On Sunday 22 February 2009, Thomas Landspurg wrote:
>   Hello Robin,
>   Thanks for poiting this out. Any thought on what license then should
> OpenCellID use? I would be happy if somebody with a good background on this
> would provide us a suggesiton on the license or even the wording to be used
> with OpenCellID.
>   And sebastian, as I stated yesterday, congrat for the idea, I am looking
> forward for the integration between this effort and OpenCellID.
> >
> > Hi Sebastian,
> > good to hear you're working on this project. i've been working on
> >, a conceptually similar project, for a couple of
> > years now - they are currently in the process of transitioning from
> > cc-by-sa to a new license, specifically designed for databases, with
> > the help of a lawyer or two. their theory is that cc is more for
> > creative content, which is not really applicable to osm; this may be
> > useful for your project too. more info here:
> >
> >

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