Qt Extended 4.4.2 SDK Build Instructions

Tomas Riveros Schober triveros at enable.cl
Mon Feb 23 15:40:52 CET 2009

Answering on-list:

Daniel.Li escribió:
> Dear Tom
> Thanks for ur help. It works :)
> Well, I'm a fresh-man to Qt. 
> I have a few question about QT extension, and sorry for below dumb
> questions :(
> a) QT is a library of GUI, is it right?
QT is a gui toolkit, which is used to build QtExtended and many othe 
> b) Which driver is QT based on?  Can u point me to the right direction?
> Thanks. 
I don't get this question...if you mean which distro is the QtE image 
based on, it's based on 2008.x unstable
> c) How can I install QT extension? Does I need a basic console file
> system? How can I build this simple basic file system?
You can get a basic console system from 
http://downloads.freesmartphone.org/ and selecting the "console" image.
After you flash that you can install QtE on it like an application.
> d) I have done with the last two steps
> -->bin/qbuild image
> -->bin/qbuild sdk
good! that should give you both the QtExtended binaries and the 
QtExtended SDK
> e) I need to develop a 3-D QT application, how can I use openGL? 
I don't think QtE can use OpenGL, since it's using the framebuffer to 
draw the screen. It doesn't use X, so i believe that you're out of luck 
in that regard.
> Any advise and tips are mostly appreciated. Thanks very much for ur
> help!
> :)
> On Sun, 2009-02-22 at 00:08 +0800, Daniel.Li wrote:
>>> did you ever try it with -build-qt? because i once did that and it 
>>> borked my qt install....I basically had to remove the build
>> directory 
>>> and start over.
>> Well, it's compiling now. Thanks. 
>> And I have no idea when it'll be done, I have to go back to sleep,
>> cause
>> mid-night:)
>> Report back to u tomorrow :) (GMT+8 timezone)
>> Thanks again.

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