SHR first impression : it's slow ?

Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Mon Feb 23 15:43:58 CET 2009

The UI here is not so intuitive, but you might find that the menu bar
has arrows at the side that brings up more options?

in either case, the "advanced" thing is a sub menu, have you looked
under screen?

I use plain FSO, but I guess illume is the same?

- Gunnar

Helge Hafting wrote:
> Paul wrote:
>>> I don't have the freerunner nearby, so I can't check where in the menu
>>> you find these things, but I think the framerate is at the bottom of the
>>> first menu, the drop shadow under "appearance" or similar near the end,
>>> and the render engine in the advance tab of this? Can anyone confirm?
>> You can find both in the settings-advanced option, after hitting the wrench.
> nope - there is no such "advanced" option.
> I have shr unstable - I upgraded today (nothing new though),
> I can hit the wrench and see:
> "Display" "Look" "Screen" "Input"
> No "advanced" at all.
> Is there some extra package repository that all of you use,
> that will bring in an enlightenment that has this "advanced" setting?
> For it sure isn't in SHR unstable?
> The only extra repository I use, is for getting
> various games and utilities.
> Helge Hafting
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