Qt Extended 4.4.2 SDK Build Instructions

Daniel.Li lida_mail at 163.com
Mon Feb 23 16:17:29 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-02-23 at 11:40 -0300, Tomas Riveros Schober wrote:
> Answering on-list:
> Daniel.Li escribió:
> > Dear Tom
> >
> > Thanks for ur help. It works :)
> >
> > Well, I'm a fresh-man to Qt. 
> >
> > I have a few question about QT extension, and sorry for below dumb
> > questions :(
> > a) QT is a library of GUI, is it right?
> >   
> QT is a gui toolkit, which is used to build QtExtended and many othe 
> applications

> > b) Which driver is QT based on?  Can u point me to the right direction?
> > Thanks. 
> >   
> I don't get this question...if you mean which distro is the QtE image 
> based on, it's based on 2008.x unstable

Well, I mean, which kind of low-level API (maybe framebuffer driver) is
QtE based on.

> > c) How can I install QT extension? Does I need a basic console file
> > system? How can I build this simple basic file system?
> >   
> You can get a basic console system from 
> http://downloads.freesmartphone.org/ and selecting the "console" image.
> After you flash that you can install QtE on it like an application.

Thanks, so I get "console" image and then cp below items to
"/opt/Trolltech/Qtopia" (FR), and finally launch qpe.sh in FR. Is it

/opt/QtopiaSDK/build/qt-extended-4.4.2/image$ ls
bin  help  lib   plugins  qpe.sh            qt_plugins  sounds
etc  i18n  pics  qpe.env  qtopia_db.sqlite  services    weblets

> > d) I have done with the last two steps
> > -->bin/qbuild image
> > -->bin/qbuild sdk
> >   
> good! that should give you both the QtExtended binaries and the 
> QtExtended SDK

I try to "Compiling an Example Qt Extended App" and found following
notes. See my environment variables, did I miss something?

daniel at daniel-laptop:/opt/Qtopia/build/myapps/example$
-bash: /opt/QtopiaSDK/qt-extended-4.4.2: is a directory
daniel at daniel-laptop:/opt/Qtopia/build/myapps/example$ $QPEDIR
-bash: /opt/QtopiaSDK/build/qt-extended-4.4.2: is a directory
daniel at daniel-laptop:/opt/Qtopia/build/myapps/example$ ls
examplebase.ui  example.desktop  help        main.cpp  qbuild.pro
example.cpp     example.h        index.html  pics      README
daniel at daniel-laptop:/opt/Qtopia/build/myapps/example$
You must run configure before you can run qtopiamake
 at /opt/QtopiaSDK/build/qt-extended-4.4.2/sdk/src/build/bin/qtopiamake
line 43
> > e) I need to develop a 3-D QT application, how can I use openGL? 
> >
> >   
> I don't think QtE can use OpenGL, since it's using the framebuffer to 
> draw the screen. It doesn't use X, so i believe that you're out of luck 
> in that regard.

Hmm... I seems that I can't be used for application based on OpenGL.
Maybe I have to Google again. Thanks :)

> > Any advise and tips are mostly appreciated. Thanks very much for ur
> > help!
> >
Daniel.Li <lida_mail at 163.com>
PALFocus (http://palfocus.oicp.net)

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