Need for application like PC Suite from Nokia?

Alexander Mueller XelaRellum at
Mon Feb 23 17:01:37 CET 2009

Uah, having to run an xserver just for an app being able to run on 
windows sounds just terrible to me. There are so many cross platform GUI 
frameworks out there, so why not chose one of these?

wxPython for Python, wxWidgets for C++

Of course there is QT as well.


George Brooke schrieb:
> On Sunday 22 February 2009 19:25:40 Andreas Willich wrote:
>> Your idea is interesting.
>> But as I am a lazy user, I want all my settings within one GUI.
>> Additional I want to use the application under Windows. I have to use
>> Windows and Office at my work and there I have the most time the neo
>> connected with my PC.
>> And the application is more targeting the not so experienced NEO/Linux
>> users. Perhaps a little step forward to mass market compatible?.
>> Regards
>> 	Andreas
> The program could always include a xserver in the windows version, also maybe 
> the main apps could have a shared settings gui but x forwarding would save 
> having to create a new version for the settings manager each time a new app is 
> released not to mention incompatibility if one of the apps change how they do 
> their settings from one version to another.
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