Recommended SIM for Italy ?

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Mon Feb 23 17:19:19 CET 2009

"GNUtoo" <GNUtoo at> writes:
>> "GNUtoo" <GNUtoo at> writes:
>>> it's a bug in the GSM modem's can be updated but I advise
>>> you against doing it because there is some command to type and if you
>>> makes a typo it can brick your gsm modem
>> That's a lie.
> sorry that was not intentional...

I know, sorry if i was a bit too harsh.

>so we should change the wiki as there is that: Warning: there are
>chances to _completely_ brick your GSM modem on messing around with
>FLUID! Please watch out for typos!  

Hm, this is almost correct. See "messing around"? It's not like
inaccurate typing is messing around. It takes some dedication to
really destroy calibration data. And "watch out for typos" is an
unrelated note. :) I agree it sounds a bit too scary (as one can imply
that typos are equivalent to messing around but it's not).

> thanks a lot...I think I'll upgrade

Feel free to ask at IRC in case you need any additional guidance.

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