(Qi) Qi or bust, or: what do I do wrong?

roguemoko at roguewrt.org roguemoko at roguewrt.org
Tue Feb 24 03:24:29 CET 2009

Carl Lobo wrote:
>>  From what you have said, it sounds like Qi is having issues probing the
>> SD card and isn't moving on to the flashed kernel. This is one reason I
>> don't use Qi. I can't quite get the timing right for skipping partitions
>>  and nearly always forget to even try.
> I use the NOR (AUX + Power) boot to boot the NAND and Qi to boot the
> SD card. Useful workaround for people that can't get the timing right
> ;)

Actually, that's what I do presently :)

The only problem I see with that is, any u-boot facilities that have 
been added since are gone. How this effects operation I'm unsure. I'm 
yet to have any real issues with using it this way.

I think power management and other tweaks may be effected but it has yet 
to cause me any dramas ...


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