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Tue Feb 24 10:18:56 CET 2009


Well, I've got libmpg123 working and it does seem faster than libmad - but
not by much. Of course, I haven't done any further optimisations for ARM.
The gain is in the range of 3% CPU usage (and measured by htop which isn't
all that accurate either).

I've also tried to get tremor going - but it seems to be breaking up the
sound (lots of pops and hisses) - so I must be doing something wrong. Does
anyone have any ideas how to handle the sampling rate changes in an ogg?

I'm also expanding my scope to include AAC. Any recommendations about a fast
integer implementation of AAC?

I'm looking at pushing out a basic working prototype over the coming
weekend. I have an elementary interface ready too on my laptop - but I need
dev ipk's for elementary (and dependencies) that would run on FSO M5 (which
should also cater for the upcoming SHR). Can anyone help? Any pointers would
be welcome.

Otherwise, I'm mainly sticking to GTK as of now. Glade lets me modify
widgets to suit finger input - except the sliders / scales. Any ideas about
how to make them wider?

Also, I'm thinking about using a sqlite backend (much later) to store info
about the tracks and playlists. Any pointers about that - or will it be

I'm also looking at some mockups / ideas about the GUI. Currently, the
player has 4 tabs :- 
1 for Creating a playlist with a gtktreeview
1 for showing the current playing song in a treeview
1 for Albumn art
1 for lyrics

While the actual getting art or lyrics is not (yet) implemented, I'm looking
at modifying this to 2 tabs:-
1 for the Albumn art or lyrics(switchable) with the current playing song,
its info and the usual buttons/vol.
1 for creating/managing playlists.

Any inputs would be welcome.

BTW, it is also dbus friendly :-) I'm requesting resource CPU to prevent
suspend during playing. will also implement pausing on suspend and incoming
call (though those are not yet quite there in terms of priority right now).

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