Announcing new Project - Intone mplayer frontend

c_c cchandel at
Tue Feb 24 10:36:07 CET 2009

 I've seen 2 interesting libraries from Helix - Helix Fixed-point HE-AAC
(aacPlus) decoder and the Helix MP3 Decoder (fixed point). Both are fixed
point and optimised for ARM. They also have some performance figures on the
sites here  and here . But, I cant clearly
understand the licensing terms for the aacplus decoder. 

 Can anyone who understands this lawyer gobbledegook (;-) clarify whether I
can use the code in a GPL app or not?

  I'm going to experiment with these and see what I come up with. If the
libraries are indeed optimised (for power and speed - as claimed) and I can
use them without any encumbrance, then I'll probably use them (instead of

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