Need for application like PC Suite from Nokia?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Tue Feb 24 11:11:04 CET 2009

Alexander Mueller wrote:
> Uah, having to run an xserver just for an app being able to run on 
> windows sounds just terrible to me. There are so many cross platform GUI 
> frameworks out there, so why not chose one of these?
Just think of the xserver as a "windows compatibility layer"  Macs and 
linux PCs already have the xserver. An xserver is not such a big piece 
of software to run on windows either. It certainly isn't a big piece of 
linux - or it wouldn't fit on a phone too small to run windows.

I think the ideal way is to run the settings/config/sms apps on the 
phone itself. That way, you can do stuff on the phone (config, send sms, 
etc.) even without a pc.

The pc becomes mostly a convenience thing - run the same apps but on a 
much bigger screen with a real keyboard and mouse. Cut & paste between
phone apps and pc apps. I.e. paste and URL into a sms and vice-versa.

A few things, such a data synchronization with a pc app may need some
software to run on the pc. But that sort of thing should be kept to a 
minimum. When stuff runs on the phone, there will be only one place
to update software. So when MMS gets implemented on the phone, you 
immediately have that capability from the PC too. No waiting for the 
"pc-phone app" to catch up!

This is what the X protocol is all about - run the software on the 
machine that makes sense (i.e. the one that actually have gsm hw) and 
display it on the machine that has the best display (the pc).
It already works very well - using cable or using wifi.

Want to see the phone filesystem from the pc? The phone can already 
pretend to be a usb disk. Or you can run samba on it.

Helge Hafting

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