SHR first impression : it's slow ?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Tue Feb 24 12:29:39 CET 2009

Russell Hay wrote:
> Just FYI - if you use the arrows on either end of the 'submenu' you only 
> get
>  > "Display" "Look" "Screen" "Input"
> ...but you CAN swipe left or right across them to reveal the additional 
> options..
> Damn well hidden though!

Indeed. I now found the "advanced" setting. The non-functional arrows is 
a bug then. They did sidescroll one step but not the rest - so  I was 
sure there wasn't any more to be found.

Now I see
"Language" "Advanced" "Settings" "Extensions"  also!

Thanks for the tip!

Helge Hafting

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