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Tue Feb 24 16:55:08 CET 2009

Adam Jimerson wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 6:35 PM, Yorick Moko <yorickmoko at 
> <mailto:yorickmoko at>> wrote:
>     to install programs you can either:
>     *download it on your host pc, scp it to the freerunner and install it
>     *connect the FR to the internet (usb/wifi/bluetooth...) and opkg
>     install something
>     *connect the FR to the internet and use the graphical UI that is
>     included in some distro's like 2008.x
>     a very easy way is to set up usb networking
>     (,
>     ssh into your FR,
>     take a look at for example <>,
>     and copy paste the code to install something in the terminal when
>     shh'd into the freerunner
>     y
> Thanks for the quick reply, as of right now I can't connect my 
> freerunner to the internet, I can't launch the settings menu and can't 
> find some kind of command line short of shhing into the phone when it is 
> connected via USB.

1. ssh into the phone, presumably from some kind of pc
2. on the pc, open Find something you want to install
3. On the site, note how the software you want to install has
    install instructions in the form of one or more commands
    that start with "opkg" and then some URL.
4. Copy these instructions from the web browser, paste them into the
    ssh window.

This should work if USB networking is set up properly, so the phone uses
the PCs internet connection. (It will also work if you get the phone 
connected via wifi or gprs.)

If you can't get usb networking to work properly:
1. ssh into the phone
2. Open in a web browser
3. download the files (ipk or opk files) to the pc
4. copy files from the pc to the phone. Presumably, if you have
    "ssh", you  also have "scp". The command looks like this, on the pc:
    scp filename.ipk root at
    This command is given on the PC, _not_ in the ssh window.
5. The file is now on the phone, but not installed. Use the
    ssh window, and give this command:
    opkg install filename.ipk

Obviously, use the real filename instead of my example "filename.ipk"

Helge Hafting

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