Mokogeocaching 0.2 released

Jesper Vestergaard openmoko at
Tue Feb 24 16:59:58 CET 2009

This is a litle gtk python script that searches the site 
for caches near your current position or a user specified lattitude and 
longitude and add the cache as a poi in tangogps.

This is version 0.2 and the code is still not pretty but quite usable.
The package kan be found here:

Warning: I have only tested it on shr unstable

The script can now:
get gps location from phone
user can manually set location
user can specifi range
script can download matching geocaches and add as poi
read username and password from configuration file
threaded gtk and downloading - but unfortunately not searching
unicode support
gui input for username and password

Mokogeocaching works best with tangogps 0.9.6 because of a bug in 0.9.5 
where tangogps crashes if a poi is larger than 1500 charaters.

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