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I think, the following page explains more about the video's they  


Sorry german.

They state about the consum and the advertising of the companies to  
more and more. (A mobile phone is out dated after 1-2 years)

So after that time you *may* do the same with your device, if the  
company doesn't offer
any useful upgrade or the like.

In contrast to this, openmoko gives us the opportunity to keep using  
the phone.
This is simply because we have access to the software and even to the  

We don't need to trash our phone into the bin, because we got a new  
one, it's open
so we can reuse it for what ever (servo remote control, remoko,  
navigation only, ...)

I had fun with that video, because I am not that fan of iPhone, it's  
closed, you only could
develop in intel based Mac OS X - as my last information.

An advertisement could point that out by visually 'cite' that video  
and state, our phone is
even usable if retired :-)


Am 24.02.2009 um 18:31 schrieb flamma at correo.ugr.es:

>> I came across this nice video:
>> http://www.bikinirama.de/img/user/Videos/BIKINIRAMA_iPhone_011_3224.mov
>> Have fun :-)
>> Lothar
> What was that about? I don't understand the narrator. The only thing  
> that
> comes my mind is: JAILBREAKING.
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