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Your points are good and you have defined a good area to pay atention
sysfs ,but you have to consider that .28 kernels are not being adopted
by any official Openmoko release yet, but start working on a wiki
draft of 2.6.28 sysfs is a pretty good idea.

2009/2/24 Filip Onkelinx <filip at>:
> Hi all,
> Since several months I'm trying to do some constructive development on my
> FreeRunner, but unfortunately I find myself spending way more time on
> finding trivial information compared to the time spent on actual coding.
> I'm not looking for extensive manuals or generic linux info, just looking
> for minimalistic information which is specific to the FR.
> - e.g. sysfs is supposed to be an interface between kernelspace and
> userspace, so I would expect it to be documented for at least the basics.
> - lack of changelogs for downloads, including kernels, filesystem-images,
> srctarballs etc. When using a modern tracking system, changelogs do not
> present an additional effort, they are automatically generated from commit
> messages and are generated out-of-the-box and provide extremely valuable
> information to users / other developers.
> To give just one example:
> A simple question like 'is my FR running from battery, USB or wallcharger
> ?'. With the recent kernel changes, most of these seem to have changed,
> but where are these documented ?
> In order to find the answer, I had to check the kernel sourcecode, google,
> and do some trial & error tests . And even now I'm not sure I have it 100%
> correct.
> what I found:
> in /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0073/pcf50633-mbc/ there is a
> power_supply:ac , power_supply:adapter and power_supply:usb
> usb is clear, but I'm still not sure I correctly understand the difference
> between 'adapter' and 'ac'.
> I would expect OpenMoko to at least document the different
> files/Attributes which are platform dependant, and a changelog to indicate
> important changes having impact on userland applications / interfaces as
> well as known bugs (like the current usb crashes XP bug).
> sorry for my rantings, but I would love to code & contribute, not to spent
> hours looking for some basic information...
> Cheers,
> Filip.
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