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Wed Feb 25 08:41:18 CET 2009

Hi ,

Andy, thanks for pointing me in to the mailing list archive. I've updated  
the wiki page to include that info and a reference to your post. That's  
part of the info I was looking for, it might be a good idea to always  
copy&paste that kind of information into the wiki, or just provide a link  
to it in the future. (not to blame you at all, but unfortunately the word  
sysfs was not mentioned in it, else I would probably have found it earlier  
when searching the archives)

I really appreciate the efforts made by all of you, but to me, an outdated  
page is worse than no doc. And I also remember how a lot of people  
complained/ranted because there is/was no glamo doc available, just want  
to prevent happening this again for things which are under OM's control  
and possible to document.... And I'm ocnvinced that with very little (or  
virtual no) additional effort (like auto-generated changelogs) the  
existing information can be made more accessible to all people trying to  

I also understand that .28 is not yet adopted by any official distro, but  
if I was just trying to use any of the official distro's I probably  
wouldn't need this info. I'm trying to roll my own stuff (one of those is  
debian based, .28 kernel and QtExtended on top, but possibility to switch  
to X and back to QtE ; another one is application specific/vertical  

thanks again for all the efforts, and keep up the good work.



On Wed, 25 Feb 2009 01:58:01 +0100, Andy Green <andy at> wrote:

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Your points are good and you have defined a good area to pay atention
> | sysfs ,but you have to consider that .28 kernels are not being adopted
> | by any official Openmoko release yet, but start working on a wiki
> | draft of 2.6.28 sysfs is a pretty good idea.
> For 2.6.24 kernels I started this page and it has been added to by  
> others:
> so there's a good deal of "structured information" there specific to
> sysfs.  You can find it by just searching "sysfs" in the Wiki.
> Stuff changed along with suspend - resume fixed and driver rewrites in
> the last couple of kernel versions.  I posted a mapping for 2.6.28 here
> Some of these are changing slightly as we go on.  So we will update the
> sysfs wiki page with the new ones soon.
> But, you shouldn't take that there is no documentation about sysfs, all
> the important guys are on that page.
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