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About all the discussion about documentation and searching them, what  
about using a
knowledge management system ?

If I do a search for 'api sleep' in the Openmoko wiki, I get 9 search  
results, If I search for
'api wakeup' I get 5 results.

If I search for 'acpi' I get 3 results.

All these seem not to bring up what I search for. Why ?

I probably have searched with the wrong words. For me this may simply  
lack of knowledge
if sysfs has any relation to the information about power management  
(especially where the
device is currently powered from).

But it may be related.

With a knowledge system you would propably get a list of related  
keywords + short descriptions
what is handled there.

Then I do not need to read all the found articles to spot those who  
are really related to my search.

So how about using a knowledge management system to link information  
semantically ?

There is no need to put all the documentation in it, but each visitor  
who might found a relation not
in the knowledge base system could add one linking in the article to  
the related content even it is
not in the openmoko wiki.

Each link may be weighted by a voting system thus it will increase the  
quality of the link - if that is
possible with any knowledge management system.


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