yaml rule to stop suspending when using gps

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Wed Feb 25 11:19:07 CET 2009

Johny Tenfinger wrote:
> So simply use script wrapper to tangoGPS:
> #!/bin/sh
> mdbus -s org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
> org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.RequestResource 'CPU'
> mdbus -s org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
> org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.RequestResource 'Display'
> /usr/bin/tangogps
> mdbus -s org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
> org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.ReleaseResource 'CPU'
> mdbus -s org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage
> org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.ReleaseResource 'Display'
> I believe using dbus-send would be faster, if you think mdbus is too
> slow, please look at it. You also can try to run all of mdbus calls in
> background by adding "&" on end of each line.

I tried this, and I put the mdbus calls in the background. (tangogps was
not in the background, of course.)

This did not work. Tangogps appeared, but the display turned off

I have already turned off power management in illume, so it shouldn't
be doubly managed.

At first, I guessed that when such a request is put in the background,
the 'Display' resource might get claimed by the short-lived background 
process. And then released as this process quits.

So I removed the & signs, and tried again. And again the backlight was 
turned off. So no lasting map display. Of course, even a script without 
"&" will use short-lived processes, it will merely wait on them before 
executing the next line.

Then I tried running the commands by hand, and got this:
$ mdbus -s org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage /org/shr/ophonekitd/Usage 
org.shr.ophonekitd.Usage.ReleaseResource 'Display'

Service name not found

Is there a typo in the example, or does shr unstable move things around
a bit?

Helge Hafting

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