[SHR] Unstable Questions

Fragggy fragggy at ascobra.de
Wed Feb 25 11:24:00 CET 2009

I'm realy happy with my SHR Unstable just a few things I don't unterstand.

1.) If I plug in the Headphones everything works fine, the speaker mutes and 
the Headphones work well. But if I remove the headphones the speaker is still 
muted. No ringtone no audio playback. If I plug in the headphones again, I 
can hear the sound again. I think it has something todo with the alsa state 
switching done by framworkd. Has anyone of you the same problems? Or am I 
doing something wrong?

2.) Is there a lightwight media player out there? I listen to mp3 music in the 
train. Mplayer works fine, but takes very long to switch songs or change the 

3.) The alarm application has no sound. The alarm shows up on the display, but 
no sound is played. 

4.) I have installed a german dictionary and a german keyboardlayout. Both 
work fine, until I try to insert a "Umlaut" (äöü) the Keyboard freezes. 

Thanks for your help

	Dennis Munzlinger

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