[SHR] Unstable Questions

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Wed Feb 25 14:00:22 CET 2009

Fragggy wrote:
> Hallo,
> I'm realy happy with my SHR Unstable just a few things I don't unterstand.
> 1.) If I plug in the Headphones everything works fine, the speaker mutes and 
> the Headphones work well. But if I remove the headphones the speaker is still 
> muted. No ringtone no audio playback. If I plug in the headphones again, I 
> can hear the sound again. I think it has something todo with the alsa state 
> switching done by framworkd. Has anyone of you the same problems? Or am I 
> doing something wrong?
> 2.) Is there a lightwight media player out there? I listen to mp3 music in the 
> train. Mplayer works fine, but takes very long to switch songs or change the 
> volume.

Pythm used to work very well, with an earlier version of SHR unstable. 
It could play music reliably through gstreamer.
These days the newest pythm is difficult to install into a SHR unstable 
image, and various bugs often results in only the first song working and 
then pythm has to be restarted for the next.

Using the mplayer backend may work better, but then the song switching 
takes very long time instead - as you have seen.

My workaround:
Use the terminal. Use the "cd" command to select a folder full of 
interesting songs. Then issue this command:
mplayer *

It will play all songs (mp3, ogg,...) in filesystem order, and switch 
from one song to the next in a timely manner.
It is even possible to control mplayer via the keyboard:
0  increase volume
9  decrease volume
m  mute
p  pause
q  quit
 >  next song
<  previous song

Using renice (from another terminal) may be necessary - you can avoid 
sound skipping by setting mplayers priority to something like -15.

Helge Hafting

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