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Timo Juhani Lindfors ha scritto:
> Francesco de Virgilio <fradeve11 at> writes:
>> Now, I respect everyone's work, I respect the *great* idea of Free
>> Software as freedom to develop, but could all these ideas be merged into
>> one? It'll be great to have a single application for OpenStreetMap
>> mappers which does *all* this things, possibly configurable.
> I understand your thoughts.

Thanks :)

I understood voicenote was a shell
> script. I could not extend it since I needed to use C for doing the
> voice detection.
> I did search freshmeat, google, apt-cache search for a dictaphone but
> could not find anything that'd simply record when I speak.

This could be avoided. Today, voicenote needs a good GUI. If we want to
integrate voicenote ad monologue without rewriting anything, we have
just one possibility: to use a GUI.
I was thinking to an interface written simply in PyGtk which handles
both the softwares, showing to user 2 options:

1) normal georeferred recording: possible with voicenote; GPS chip is ON
2) recording only on speak: we could start monologue through GUI; GPS
chip is OFF
3) georeferred recording on speak: we start monologue; python talks with
GPSD, catch coordinates, and insert them in recorded file's metadata.
GPS chip is ON

So, if we can't merge the code, we could create one GUI to use
all the recording software, givin to user the possibility to choose the
option according to battery state (if the battery is low, user could
turn off GPS and use option 2).

I think to have such PyGtk skills, but I'm busy for university until
April :(
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