Register your FreeRunner at Linux Counter

Pander pander at
Wed Feb 25 16:59:15 CET 2009

Hi all,

Please register your device at

I filled out these details, please let me know if you have better details:

system class: handheld Neo FreeRunner GTA02
cpu: single other 400 ARM920T v41
memory: 128 MB
disk: 512 MB
network: wireless and ethernet as secondary (over USB)
distro: other unstable SHR
source: FTP
mailer: no mailserver
users: 1
accounts: 1

I've asked the maintainer to add some more options like ARM processor
and distros like SHR, FSO, OM, FDOM, etc.

Perhaps some one is interested in packaging the linux couter tool in an opk?



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