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On Feb 26, 2009, at 09:01 , Matthias Apitz wrote:

> El día Thursday, February 26, 2009 a las 08:46:54AM +0100, Pander  
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>> Steve " 'dillo" Okay wrote:
>>> On Feb 26, 2009, at 08:01 , Shawn "Trash" Thompson wrote:
>>>> Matthias Apitz wrote:
>>>>> El día Wednesday, February 25, 2009 a las 06:36:31PM +0100, Yorick
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>>>>>> vs http://
>>>>> Thanks; But: Do we really want a GTA03 which can't be managed with
>>>>> a stylus pen? I can't imagine a 'Terminal' like keyboard (i.e. one
>>>>> having all keys like the actual Om2008.9 'Terminal', including
>>>>> Shift, SHift-Lock, ...) and using it with my finger tips; how
>>>>> should this work? Where this idea, GTA03 with Capacitive, comes
>>>>> from? :-(( matthias
>>>> Ever used an iPhone?
> No, I've never used an iPhone, and I will not.
> Have you ever used the Terminal of the Moko to keyin UNIX commands?

Yes, I have, and the keyboard needs some work. I've had a GTA02 for  
about 3 weeks now and the keyboard needs some help.
The predictive keyboard is pretty unusable with the 'Terminal'  
program so you need to use the Terminal Keyboard which is much smaller.
The keyboard doesn't have to be huge, but a few more pixels on either  
side would make it much more usable.
I'm quite familiar with the UNIX command-line, but typing in things  
like shell script one-liner or dbus commands is quite painful.
You can still use your finger with the touch screen by tapping on the  
screen, but that's pretty inaccurate.
What might make a nice option would be a larger keyboard you could  
wrap around your wrist that would connect to the FR via Bluetooth.


>>>> their screen is nice, responsive and the gui
>>>> is designed where a stylus isn't needed. I actually was rather fond
>>>> of the iPhone screen and was very unimpressed with the GTA02's
>>>> touchscreen in comparison.
> If you have a keyboard of Terminal-style let's asume it occupies  
> half of
> the screen, i.e. 320x480 pixel, then the keys are to small to be hit
> without a stylus, perhaps not even with that special stylus for
> Capacitive screens someone was pointing me to (don't know, but it has
> 6.5mm of size the page says);
> so, please no Capacitive screen for me either in the GTA03;
> 	matthias
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