Introducing CellHunter (Update 0.4.1)

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Thu Feb 26 11:17:33 CET 2009

Yeah, good question :)

if you would have a complete database you can get your rough location.
google uses this for a quick location info bevor gps gets a fix. or you
can use it for agps. there you need a location in a range about 50km and
that a cell can give you. cells range is about 1-10km so this is a good

for the most location based services this location info is good enough.
think about: "give me a restaurant in the near" or "remind me when i am
near this place". you dont have to wait until you get a fix and know in
a second where you are.

i hope thats enough motivation to build the database together.

the best at the end: you get points on the highscore :)


Fernando Martins schrieb:
> Sebastian Hammerl wrote:
>> I created a manual for cellhunter i hope it will help.
>> you find it under the introduction on the cellhunter homepage.
> Allow me to display my ignorance and ask what is this cell info useful for?
> (no hint the wiki page)
> Fernando
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