[2008.12] Opkg.org repository packages that won't install

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Fri Feb 27 10:58:26 CET 2009

Some packages in opkg.org are somewhat broken and won't install using
the opkg.org repository in 2008.12. Could you please try this and let
me know what happens. After this we could try to let the authors know
what there's something wrong in their packages. If you are author of
some of these packages please check that your package has all the
required information.

#adding repository & updating
echo "src/gz opkgorg http://www.opkg.org/packages" > /etc/opkg/opkg-feed.conf
opkg update

#trying to install packages that are in opkg.org repository but return
'An error ocurred, return value: 2'
opkg install centerim
opkg install libboost-signals
opkg install mokoconv
opkg install neon
opkg install shortom
opkg install gpssight
opkg install openmiaocat
opkg install voicenote

#these will segfault:
opkg install liquidwar
opkg install wireshark-common
opkg install wireshark
opkg install pythm
#pythm requires many dependencies so this might also give you an
dependency error instead

#Also fbreader often fails :(
opkg install \
http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/openmoko/enca_1.9-r3_armv4t.ipk \

fbreader also available on opkg.org and enca in
but you get md5sum mismatches :/

My results: http://pastebin.com/m27e0d226

I want to use the repository instead of 'direct' opkg install http://
adresses to be able to make Kustomizer work even if some packages are
updated to a newer version and the filename changes. See



| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi
| http://risto.kurppa.fi

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