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Leonti Bielski prishelec at
Fri Feb 27 11:58:26 CET 2009

It's even better than I expected to find!
Valuable info.

On 2/26/09, Helge Hafting <helge.hafting at> wrote:
> Leonti Bielski wrote:
>> Some time ago on I've seen illume keyboard only
>> with navigate buttons - right, left, up, down and some others.
>> I would like to use it for navigation in browsers - right know I use
>> terminal keyboard to navigate through web-page in links-x11.
>> Does anyone know where I can find it?
> A custom keyboard isn't that difficult to make.
> An illume keyboard is just a textual list of keys:
> Coordinates for where the key is, how big it is, what function (letter
> or cursor key) it performs. So you can copy the terminal keyboard file,
> /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/illume/keyboards/Terminal.kbd
> Then you simply delete the keys you don't need from the copy.
> Finally, make the remaining keys bigger by adjusting their
> coordinates.
> To use your new keyboard, save the new file as:
> /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/illume/keyboards/Navigation.kbd
> Bring up the illume keyboard, press the little qwerty icon
> in the upper right corner, and select your special keyboard
> from the list. It will be there if you saved the file to the correct folder.
> Helge Hafting
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