GTA03 Touchscreen Capacitive (was Re: OT: iPhone howto)

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El día Friday, February 27, 2009 a las 01:15:01PM +0100, Friedrich Clausen escribió:

> On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 10:34 AM, Helge Hafting <helge.hafting at> wrote:
> > Friedrich Clausen wrote:
> >
> >> As far as I can see, the ultimate goal of the OpenMoko project is to
> >> give everyone the chance to use a phone with a completely free (as in
> >> freedom) software stack.
> > Right.
> >
> >> For that to succeed I think a Capacitive
> >> screen is better since you only need your fingers and no special
> >> equipment.
> > Wrong argument.
> > The resistive screen doesn't need a stylus or other special equipment
> > either. You can use the resistive screen with a finger only - no problem!
> >
> > The resistive screen gives you the _option_ of a stylus, for precision
> > work. The capacitive screen doesn't give you the option.
> >
> > So the resistive screen has all the same options as the capacitive for
> > finger-only use - capacitive has no advantage when it comes to fingers.
> Thanks for your input - I was under the impression capacitive screens
> conferred some advantages regarding detecting when a finger is placed
> and when I finger is removed with regard to gestures. But I can't back
> up this argument because I can't find any solid references.
> So, I am conceding to the resistive argument for the time being and
> assuming they both perform the same way when using fingers . If so,
> then I too would say resistive gives more flexibility.
> Regards,
> Fred.

Ok, as I think that we have now exchanged enough good arguments to stay with
resistive in GTA03 and I have not seen any strong argument to move to
capacitive screen, IMHO Openmoko should consider our opinion and come up
with a clear statement about and some explanation why they want us move
to a screen where we will loose precision, at least, if such a decision was
really taken.

Thanks in advance


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