Italian NeoMeeting (Milano)

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Fri Feb 27 14:16:16 CET 2009


for who want to participate, there is a NeoMeeting (Sponsored by 
Eshopen) in Milan (Politecnico di Milano)

More details:

For not Italian readers here there is here the program of the event:

10:00 	Presentation
10:30 	Talk about Neo Freerunner 	Pietro Isotti
10:45 	Talk about Neo distribution Openmoko e SHR (+ questions) 	Thomas 
11:15 	Talk about Neo distribution Android (+ questions) 	Vincenzo Ampolo
11:45 	Talk about Neo distribution Qtopia (+ questions) 	Vincenzo Ampolo
12:00 	Talk about the two "leggendary" distro on Neo Freerunner 
(debian/gentoo) (+ questions) 	Andries Radu
12:30 	Talk on industrial use of Neo Freerunner 	Massimiliano Bellino
13:00 	Lauch offered by eshopen <> 	-
14:15 	Little introduction on programming using graphical library EFL in 
Illume 	Andries Radu
14:45 	Discusssion to choose what application miss on Freeruneer
	Thomas Bertani & Andries Radu
15:00 	Coding session 	C: Andries Radu / Python: Thomas Bertani
17:30 	 End of coding session, presentation of the two programs 
resulting and testing
	Thomas Bertani & Andries Radu
18:00 	Conclusion 	-

Best regards
Michele Renda

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