Paroli Testing (Was: Community Updates/February 20, 2009 released)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Fri Feb 27 14:39:46 CET 2009

2009/2/23 Mirko Lindner <mirko at>:
>> What plans are there for I18N of Paroli? I'd like to already start
>> doing initial translations for various Paroli applications, but I do
>> not see gettext usage / .pot files etc yet.
> I have to admit right now there are no plans as such. I guess using gettext
> for the python things would not be too difficult,

Yes, it shouldn't, import gettext and [build_i18n] section in the
setup.cfg, but it would be good to setup early so that developers
learn to start using _("text") macro everywhere for strings and the
POT file generation is initialized.

> however I do see a problem
> with the text that is stored in the edc files + the grafik files used. And
> afaik most of the text in paroli actually is in image files for now and thus
> are compiled into the theme. Any solutions for this anywhere?

I have no idea I18N should work in Enlightenment edc files. It brought
to my mind the GOS based (and thus Enlightenment based) computer sold
on Walmart for mass markets, but it was only USA so they probably
didn't need translations for everything. Is it possible to avoid text
in edc files?

For images, I guess it would be okayish to use normal locale
information to open banner_LANGUAGE.png, like banner_fi.png, in all
places where such images with text are used, and give easy-to-change
GIMP .xcf files for the community where the text part can be easily
changed. .xcf so that the text would be editable and font type and
size would be in the file for changing, in addition to possibility of
having different layers. If there is text in an image, it's probable
they won't get changed that often so the translation burden should be
on ok level as well.

But I do not know about edc files. Does someone else have experience?


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