GUI responsiveness (was Re: SHR first impression : it's slow ?)

Flemming Richter Mikkelsen quatrox at
Fri Feb 27 17:16:39 CET 2009

Once again I write about something I shouldn't
write about at all since I don't know how it works.

I could be very, very wrong here... just guessing:

I got a feeling that no calculation (no effects)
is faster than this "optimal code".

OM2008.0808 and earlier was quite fast and
I think adding all kinds of effects is a step

No eye candy means that one could play
music, etc. when scrolling.

Do we really need illume? Why not something
lighter with less/no visual effects, etc.?

What happened with "back to the basics"?

I don't think scalecache can make everything
as smooth as the good old GTK theme, but
it would be nice if I am wrong.

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