Rockbox on gta02?

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Fri Feb 27 19:24:09 CET 2009

Yea, it would be nice to run as an app with a usable phone distro, but I
doubt there's anywhere near the hw resources to do that nicely.
Responsivness is a big limitation of gta02 most of the time just as a
phone.  The delay from action to sound must be on the order of
500-1000ms, and that's affected by other apps already running.  


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Some time ago, I saw a project to build Rockbox as an application. Any
about that ? I think it's far better as it allow you to use other 
functionalities while playing music.

For both case, I think touchscreen can be a problem. I've never seen a 
touchscreen interface to Rockbox. (But maybe there is a hidden one)

Anyway, porting can be a goo programming challenge and a way to tell to
world : "look how open hardware and software are good. There is tons of
which can run on my phone"

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