GTA03 Touchscreen Capacitive (was Re: OT: iPhone howto)

Fernando Martins fernando at
Fri Feb 27 20:58:22 CET 2009

Helge Hafting wrote:
> But even non-techies may like some of the things you can do with a 
> stylus. Such as handwriting, or drawing sketches.  Capacitive screens 
> won't give you the option.
+1 for handwriting. Bonus point for usable recognition. A stylus 
attached/embedded in the case would be nice.

Quite frankly, I just hope OM becomes successful enough to produce 
different models.

If they believe that capacitive is the way to for the next device to 
grow market share, all the power to them. I should add that is not so 
obvious to me after this discussion. I suspect the key is more into 
distribution and arrangements with network companies.


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