Neon 0.9.8 is out

Valery Febvre vfebvre at
Sat Feb 28 01:37:45 CET 2009


A new release of Neon is available.

Changes since 0.9.6 :

* Smoother scrolling in filesystem browser

* Added a "scrollbar" in filesystem browser.
It doesn't allow to scroll the list, it's used only as an indicator of

* Window can be rotated now via accelerometers data.
A new command line option -R (--auto-accel-rotate) has been added to
enable/disable this new feature (disabled by default).
This option is an alternative to the option -r.

* Added About

* Minor fixes and code cleanups

As usual you can get it at:

If your system uses Python 2.6 (not 2.5) like SHR or FSO, you must
install alternative package neon_0.9.8-r1_all_py2.6.ipk

Project homepage:
Wiki page: page:

Have fun,

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