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> >> Joel Newkirk wrote:
> >
> >> When I try to impress people with the FR, I show them cool apps like
> >> linball. Not the icon interface. It is not that hot anyway - and
> >> slowness is simply bad.
> >
> > if i want to impress i do not show them a freerunner. i show them something
> > with much better hardware :)
> >
> You mean like this?
> Its not opensource, but still impressive and far beyond anything FR is
> dreaming of I'm afraid.

well ok- i don't have one of those, but i do have hardware that is better - ask
everyone who has a beagleboard how amazing the cortex-a8 is and omap3... as far
as a cpu/soc it totally wipes the fr off the table. we all know the fr is old
hw - it's open. that's its positive. it is not something i'd use to impress
people with how amazing linux is on embedded devices. for ooh ahh drool value
there's s3c6410 based hardware around that really whips the fr, and that is yet
again whipped by omap3.

don't get me wrong - OPEN is awesome. that is fantastic. FR is not something
used to impress when it comes to eyecandy :)

of course time will tell - newer more modern hw with an open os ready to "hack"
will appear. when its up to snuff with an up-to-date soc etc. - then we can
talk :)

> BTW, see you soon in porto de galinas :-) .

muito bom! :) :) 

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