Announcing new Project - Intone mplayer frontend

c_c cchandel at
Sat Feb 28 05:23:28 CET 2009

<broken record> MPD (and many other players) already plays Ogg/tremor
just fine.  Why don't you try and improve those players rather than
reinvent the wheel?

 Well, the mplayer ipk available in the FSO repositories doesn't have tremor
linked in. I can't find an mpd ipk. I think an EFL/elementary or GTK
frontend will be faster. So - here's a front end that will use mplayer
(mostly) and use other integer based decoders available (but aren't used by
mplayer) where needed.
  Eventually, if all the requirements are fulfilled by mplayer, it'll just
revert to being a front end. Is that too bad ?  :-)

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