Finger friendly browse keyboard

Pander pander at
Sat Feb 28 12:54:55 CET 2009

John Sullivan wrote:
> Pander <pander at> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> Someone mentioned a finger friendly browse keoyboard, and I just could
>> not resist making one myself. the result is here:
> Nice, is there any way to remove the box that usually shows the words
> that are being typed at the top? Since no words are being typed, that'd
> be a nice way to save space, but I guess if it were easy to remove it
> you would have done so already.

The box and dictionary selection are not interesting with this keyboard
as you describe. However, you need them because on the right you have
the keyboard switcher which you always need. As far as I know at this
moment, there is no way of hiding the first two and keeping the latter.

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