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Jianming.Liu liujm06 at
Wed Jul 1 04:56:54 CEST 2009

Hi, I have posted the symbols and schematic of the debug board v3 in the list
of GTA02-Core, and I think that could be a part of the GTA02-Core, or we
could start a new debug board project? Thank you.

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> [ Let's give threads that change direction a clearer name than just
>   "Freerunner's Future" ]
> Fabian Sch?lzel wrote:
>> I'm not an engineer, but a draftsman, so I could also help with the
>> mechanical design and modeling of the case and other things related
>> to the project.
> Great ! I think "redoing" the GTA02 case should be a project on its
> own, independent from gta02-core or such.
> There are no technical dependencies anyway - gta02-core will fit
> into any GTA02 case and a new GTA02 case can host any GTA02 board.
> Two considerations:
> I think just making a case equivalent to the existing one would be
> an interesting enough task on its own, without adding any changes
> that aren't motivated by feasibility (machinability, etc.) alone.
> Ideally, someone who's already experienced the whole process from
> design to prototype production getting done would take care of
> coordinating that project.
> - Werner
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