Re2: Image modules?

Glenn Moeller-Holst at
Sat Jul 4 17:52:26 CEST 2009

At 14:47 +0400 04/07/09, Paul Fertser wrote:
>Glenn Moeller-Holst < at> writes:
>>  Is it nessecary or advicable to flash it onto the phone?
>Flashing tar.gz archives makes little sense. You might want to untar
>it to your / though in case you don't have that modules already.
>Be free, use free ( software!
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This is what I am not able to read anywhere:
*I actually do not know if I already having modules installed? How do
I test it?
*What is modules used for?
*Is modules (already) included the image?
*Why is there a separate file called modules? Why not include it in the image?
*Is modules a standard Linux "thing"?

I am asking as a novice. I have not encountered information about modules at:


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