Anyone know a store that sells FreeRunner accs in the US

Adam Jimerson vendion at
Sat Jul 4 21:22:33 CEST 2009

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 3:06 AM, Adam Jimerson<vendion at>  wrote:
>> I am looking for where I can buy accessories for my FreeRunner here in the US,
>> TuxBrain has a couple that I am interested in, the leather case and the
>> invisible shield, but they seem to be european based and would rather not pay
>> any kind of  fees that would go with it if they do ship to the US.  I bought
>> my FreeRunner for SDG but they don't offer much accessories, anyone know where
>> else to look?
> If somebody wants to start a Wiki page and vote on accessories that
> you all want to buy, I'll ask somebody from Taipei to help source
> them. We could easily ship them to Fremont California (or to our EU
> distributors) if we had an idea of what you're looking for.
> BTW, we would need to source quantities of around 100 each for it to
> make (business) sense for the vendors.
>    -Sean

I started a wiki page here 
anyone can feel free to add/improve to it and I hope that this helps.

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