no wifi on openmoko fso

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Mon Jul 6 13:43:38 CEST 2009

On Mon, 6 Jul 2009, flecktor wrote:

> hi,
> i got fso installed on the free runner and i cant get the wifi to work. same result for hackable:1. can anyone tell me how to check the wifi? (other then connect to another network or open network).
> i do iwconfig and the result is
> lo no wireless extensions.
> usb0 no wireless extensions.
> pan0 no wireless extensions.

It seems that you have to power on the WiFi card first.
You might find this in the settings or try the following python script 
which works for me under SHR.



import elementary, os, dbus

def getDbusObject (bus, busname , objectpath , interface):
         dbusObject = bus.get_object(busname, objectpath)
         return dbus.Interface(dbusObject, dbus_interface=interface)

dbusObj = getDbusObject (dbus.SystemBus(),

dbusObj.SetPower( True );


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