[QtMoko] New images with experimental X support

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Jul 7 00:06:50 CEST 2009

i am just uploading new QtMoko images that are based on debian and that
now support running X application from Qtopia.

You can download from:


MD5 sums:

f64f5ff2e7dad0202e7cb69d263d006d  uImage-x4.bin
f475d010bc020b9290d7c07b54584860  qtmoko-debian-x4.jffs2
feb42b7f9e1881bdcea9799edd8e4dce  qtmoko-debian-x4.tar.gz

Changes from previous version:

- images are called x4 (because of X windows support), images without X
will be called v4
- logging should now work
- better UI speed
- rotation should work
- apt-get should work out of the box
- new application QX which is used as launcher for X applications
- included tangogps and scummvm
- /dev/mmcblk0p1 mounts to /media/card now and /dev/mmcblk0p4 as swap.

X applications:

I have howto [1] for building QtMoko debian rootfs so some details are

As I said you have to use QX launcher which will allow you to start X
application in fullscreen. You can exit the application when you press
the touchscreen for 5 seconds. The application will be then paused and
you can either kill it or continue. The support for switching tasks
between Qtopia and X application is still missing.

If you have problems with X applications on first boot, reboot should
fix it.

You should also have swap enabled because there is not much memory left
when running Qtopia and X application side by side. QtMoko defaultly
counts with swap on /dev/mmcblk0p4 (4th primary partition on your SD

Btw as you can see the images are getting really big now. I will work on
this but i would be glad for any help in this area. If you take a look
what takes most of the space then we have this list:

1/ Kernel modules - i use packaging config so that we can use both Qi
and uboot. But packaging modules take 30MB space. So we probably need
slimmer config. Any ideas?

2/ Python - i would prefer to get rid of this package. Takes like 10+
megabytes. It's dependency for alsa-utils package - which is bug (or
relict from old times) in debian (and should be fixed in next debian).
We can either use custom or newer alsa-utils.

3/ Perl - i guess we cant get rid of this one.

4/ Locales - how to get rid of locales that are not needed?

5/ cc1 - do we need compiler as default package in phone?

So i will be glad for comments and maybe tips for other useful
applications and also for tips how to make the images smaller.



PS: going to sleep, images should be there in like 2 hours.


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