Hello world. Is the Neo Freerunner dead?

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Tue Jul 7 14:28:18 CEST 2009

Hello there... 

Apologies if I am beating the dead horse.
No pun intended...   :) 

I've been drooling over the Freerunner for years now, specifically to have 
the capability to plug a REAL keyboard to it and SSH into my network. 

Now it seems that Openmoko.com folded (or is about)...    :( 

My flow-gram of questions goes more or less as follows: 

If Freerunner dead then
    do I have an alternative
    if Freerunner usable then
        case OS:
            Openmoko: Good? ;;
            Android: Good? ;;
            default: What? ;;
        do I have an alternative

I'm so bummed that Openmoko seems to be crumbling, or is it my doom's day 
wild imagination?
My Treo 650 died and I am ready for a Neo Freerunner, but is it really 

I can tinker freely and willingly with the phone, but I need to 
place/receive calls ans SSH into my network.
Enrique A. Troconis

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