Hello world. Is the Neo Freerunner dead?

The Digital Pioneer digitalpioneer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 16:47:07 CEST 2009

> Will it talk to the AT&T's US network?
Sure, sure. I got my FR, and called up AT&T saying I wanted a GoPhone plan
and a SIM card, but I already had a phone. They didn't give me any trouble
at all.

> What do I tell them?
You don't have to tell them anything, but I told them I had a Freerunner.
The agent didn't know what it was, so I explained. They haven't contacted me
since saying "You can't use THAT phone!!" so I think it's OK.

NOTE: you will want to know your IMEI (it's printed on phone, under the
battery) before calling, since I had some trouble getting it when they
asked. The usual *#06# USSD code does not work. The agent told me to dial
that, and tell him the number. When it didn't work, I had to ask what that
number was called (I didn't know at the time) and quickly ask in the chat
room how to find it. Lucky someone was there who knew! LOL
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