BOUGHT IT!!! (A6 or A7, what about the GPS)

David Garabana Barro david at
Tue Jul 7 18:33:02 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 07 July 2009 18:17:42 lists at wrote:
> OK, I got me an A6 with the Buzz fix, which technically makes it an A7.
> Or does it...
> SDG mentioned a possible upgrade to the GPS in the A7, is anybody aware of
> any other changes from the A6 to the A7 beyond the Buzz fix?

This one:

More information:

1) It happened only on A5/early A6. I bought my A6 on 08/2008, and it already 
had the capacitor. Look at the PDF to be sure yours has it. You can see it 
simply removing battery.
2) There is an effective software fix

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