[om2009] Canola with om2009-u

Staley, Daniel L dlstal2 at uky.edu
Tue Jul 7 23:25:58 CEST 2009

I recently got my freerunner back from SDG systems, complete with a buzz fix!  So I'm attempting to start using it as my daily phone.
I really like paroli and the work that is being done with om2009, and have been able to get most of the applications I want running just fine.

However, one that stumped me was the "Canola" package that was recently ported over.
Whenever it is run on om2009, enlightenment constantly segfaults.  If you tell it to recover, it segfaults again.

Canola was running fine on SHR.  What changed between the two distros?  Is SHR running a newer version of enlightenment?
Has anyone been able to get Canola running on om2009?

(I'm running the latest 2009 unstable btw)

-Dan Staley

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