Intone (0.30 - beta release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

c_c cchandel at
Thu Jul 9 04:34:25 CEST 2009

  Here's the latest version. Changes :-

 * better (and more stable) music scan routine
 * support for mp3/ogg tags
 * search by artists
 * other minor fixes
 * 1 regression - the duration slider is jumpy - will sort that out in the
next release

  To get the tags - please set your root music directory under songs. That
will rescan the
music and read tags into the database.

  I have updated the svn too. This ipk will work with the -02 version of
e-libs. Let me know
if other versions are required.

  Also - please post feedback.

 I have not yet added the paroli like jump icon. Will do that soon. intone_0.55_arm.ipk 
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