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Staley, Daniel L dlstal2 at
Thu Jul 9 16:25:34 CEST 2009

Just to throw in my two cents....I think the look and feel of is great.  I think whoever designed the page did a very nice job.

However, I will agree that we need something to tell what Distro they have been tested on, and perhaps even a separate packagelist / repo created for each distro based on what distros they are said to work on.

Perhaps the owner of would let someone else log onto the server and make these changes?
It would really be a shame to just create a replacement of I said, the site layout is really pretty nice.

-Dan Staley

From: Marcel [tanuva at]
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Subject: Re: replacement (was Re:! (was: Re: [SHR-...))

Am Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009 15:15:36 schrieb Robin Paulson:
> 2009/7/10 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at>:
> > 1) Many broken packages in -> quality control needed
> > 2) Apps need something to tell on what distro (om200X, SHR, ..)
> > they've been tested
> > 3) RSS's are broken
> > 4) Too big layout
> >
> > I'd really love to see these things fixed.. I've also noticed that
> > it's hard~impossible to get in contact with Tobias /
> > The scripts to create the repository are here:
> > is open source and does
> > something like this.
> yeah, me too. so, could a replacement be run off any site which
> supports php scripts? sorry, i'm a bit green at all this, but would
> like to get something going

PHP, *SQL and sufficient disk space should be enough from what I expect it
to be powered by...

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