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glad someone is interested in this one as I want to (re)concentrate on it again.

You can use divetools-ab to download via USB serial (see my little patch here [1]) - the package is already capable of using /dev/ttyUSB0
You need to switch to host mode and have a special adapter for your regular USB plug to fit into the mini USB (~ €1.5 on ebay).
Or you download them on your PC with divetools-ab and upload just the file. QSuunto-Lite can only _display_ information from file _not_ download itself.
These features are planned for the next dive program which will also not be Suunto specific and hopefully get GPS integration and stuff - but this is still a long way...

Next (and probably last) feature for QSuunto-Lite will be to display the dive profile graphically.

I am not planning to do it in elmentary as it was my first real program in C++ and QT and thus also meant to learn it. But for the next program maybe it will be possible to seperate GUI and logic enough, so there could be a QT (e.g. for Desktop PCs) and an elementary GUI. My primary target is the above mentioned feature for QSuunto-Lite and then getting the new dive logging application on the way.

Concering QSuunto-Lite - make sure you have one of the older Suuntos that are compatible with divetools-ab [2]. Newer Suuntos are also planned to be supported in the new app.

[1] http://git.senfdax.de/?p=oe_recipes;a=blob;f=divetools-ab/files/001_usbserial.patch
[2] a) http://www.acs.uni-duesseldorf.de/~becka/dive/divetools/index.html
      b)  http://www.sarnau.info/papers:suunto_protocol see Vyper, Spyder, etc.

Hope this helps.


> Thanks for this!
> Questions:
> * What are the features you're currently working on?
> * This requires that the FR is in host mode to download from the dive
> computer, correct?
> * As asked earlier, any chance of porting to elementary rather than QT?
> Now I can't wait to get my phone back from buzz fix!
> Russell Dwiggins

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