GOT MY PHONE!!! :) Doesn't work... :(

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Fri Jul 10 05:00:42 CEST 2009

Just got the phone...
The Sdg guy asked me what system I wanted and I told him to install the most 
likely to work out of the box...
It has some sort QT stuff running. 

Don't know too much else...


Robin Paulson writes: 

> 2009/7/10  <lists at>:
>> My new phone doesn't see my AT&T SIM card...
>> The card is OLD.
>> As in 5 years OLD (or more).
>> So old, that it broke the Treo when I pulled it out... (screw the Treo) 
>> I've done some reading about the SIM stuff.
>> I'm dizzy already, I don't understand none of that stuff... 
>> Can anybody give a quick and dirty answer about what to do next?
>> Thanks!
> depending on how money-grabbing your provider is, you may or may not
> be able to get a new sim for free (mine was $30....) 
> failing that, have you got the newest gsm firmware? that fixes several
> gsm-related bugs. there's a page on the wiki with simple instructions
> on how to fix it - thsi is to be recommended regardless of a new sim
> or not 
> which distro are you using? the newer distros based upon fso might be
> more helpful - have you tried om2009/shr yet? 
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